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An incomplete smile due to missing or damaged teeth that need to be extracted can interfere with everyday activities like chewing or speaking. If this describes your smile, our custom dental bridges can replace missing teeth while helping you keep a natural-looking appearance. We work with you during the process to ensure our quality dental bridges fit you comfortably to help you quickly return to enjoying activities with a complete smile!

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Do dental bridges require oral surgery?

A dental bridge is a great durable option to fill in the space where one or more teeth are missing. Dental bridges connect to your existing teeth located near the open space to restore your smile's full function and appearance. Though dental bridges are attainable without oral surgery, the dental bridge procedure will vary on which type of bridge you select. Traditional dental bridges, which secure teeth with a crown on each side, do not require oral surgery.

What is the difference between an implant and a dental bridge?

Dental implants and dental bridges can replace missing teeth, but they are quite different. A dental implant serves as an artificial tooth root and anchors into the jaw. A dental bridge is a less invasive restoration created with digital impressions and can use one or more surrounding teeth as support to fill in the gap. If you're uncertain about which is right for you, our team can help!

How much do dental bridges cost?

Your dental bridge cost will vary on a variety of factors. However, activities like eating and talking become difficult when you're missing a tooth, and it's essential to restore your bite and confidence as quickly as possible to prevent further dental issues. We accept most dental insurances for our Gastonia dental bridges and do our best to provide quality dental bridges at an affordable price for patients without dental insurance. To learn more about your financial options, give our office a call.

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