Emergency Dentist Appointments In Gastonia, NC

If you're experiencing dental pain and need an emergency dentist appointment, our Gastonia, NC dentist office will find the earliest available appointment for you.

Tooth pain can be excruciating and can interfere with every other aspect of your life. Sleeping, working, or concentrating on everyday tasks can seem to be impossible when dental problems are causing constant pain.

our waiting areaKnowing how to handle a dental emergency before it happens is the key to receiving speedy treatment. Emergencies are stressful and scary situations—and most often, painful—no matter how young or old you are!

Examples of conditions that require emergency dental care:

  • Knocked out tooth
  • Lost or broken filling
  • Cracked or broken tooth
  • Damage to your dental bridge or crown
  • An infection or abscess in the mouth
  • Jaw injuries
  • Bleeding
  • Tooth pain
  • Swelling in the mouth
  • Tooth sensitivity

When Should You Call An Emergency Dentist?

While a knocked out tooth is what everyone thinks of when they hear “dental emergency,” the other items on this list are quite problematic as well.

For example, many people want to ignore a cracked tooth, a lost filling, or tooth sensitivity until their next dental appointment. However, if that dental appointment is days or weeks away, a great deal of damage can occur to your mouth during that time.

Having these situations addressed as soon as possible is the best way to prevent the need for drastic and expensive dental work. These issues must be viewed as emergencies in order to protect the long-term health of your mouth.

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Knocked Out Teeth: What to Do

If you or a loved one has an injury that resulted in a knocked out tooth:

  • Find the tooth quickly.
  • Rinse the tooth without scrubbing, and try to place it back into its socket.
  • If unsuccessful, keep the tooth moist in the person's own saliva, or in milk.
  • Call Gastonia Family Dentistry immediately to see an emergency dentist

What Can I Expect During an Emergency Dental Visit?

As your emergency dentist in Gastonia, it is our top priority to get you out of pain. While we want to relieve your dental pain, preserving your long-term oral health is also in our interest. As soon as you are experiencing a dental emergency, give our office a call, and we will walk you through what to expect next. In most cases, when you visit our office with a dental emergency, we will perform a visual exam, take X-rays and other images, then diagnose and treat the issue.

What's the Best Way to Manage a Dental Emergency?

While it may seem like you can handle a dental emergency on your own, we encourage you to contact an emergency dentist like our Gastonia Family Dentistry team. Our team has years of experience handling and treating dental emergencies in the Gastonia community. As you wait for emergency dental care, cold compress, and over-the-counter pain relievers, as directed, can help you manage any pain.

Should I Visit the ER for a Dental Emergency?

Most emergency rooms are not equipped with the tools or knowledge to treat a dental emergency. This is why we always recommend contacting an emergency dentist near you. However, if you are experiencing a jaw fracture or dislocation, cuts to the face or mouth, or an abscess affecting breathing or swallowing, an emergency room visit may be necessary.

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Looking for An Emergency Dentist Near You?

If you have experienced an oral accident resulting in a tooth being knocked loose, a filling being damaged or a tooth being fractured, call Gastonia Family Dentistry immediately to schedule an emergency dentist appointment.

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Emergency Dental Exam

We take dental emergencies seriously at Gastonia Family Dentistry. Don't let a painful dental emergency cause future pain and complications! Schedule an emergency dental exam with us today. Emergency dentist appointment will include a limited dental exam and one x-ray.

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