Wisdom Teeth Removal In Gastonia, NC

Many dental offices refer patients to other practices for wisdom tooth removal, but at our Gastonia dental office, you can get this procedure done by the dentists you know and trust!

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At Gastonia Family Dentistry, our dentists strive to make dental care convenient for the whole family. When the third molars, also known as wisdom teeth, emerge and cause significant discomfort or concern, reach out to our office. We offer expert services like wisdom teeth removal that are efficient and tailored to your needs!

Looking for wisdom tooth removal in Gastonia, NC? Our practice is conveniently located in Gastonia near the communities of Ranlo, Lowell, McAdenville, and Cramerton!

Our practice is conveniently located in Gastonia near the communities of Ranlo, Lowell, McAdenville, and Cramerton!

Do I Need Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Our doctors can determine if you or your child's wisdom teeth will likely cause problems during a complete oral exam and comprehensive x-ray imaging.

Most dentists agree that there just isn’t enough room for wisdom teeth in the average person’s mouth because our jaws don’t grow large enough. Since there isn’t space for these teeth to property erupt from the gums, they often emerge at an angle. When wisdom teeth come in at an angle, this can affect your bite, create an area where food particles get caught and cause decay or even an infection. Having your wisdom teeth extracted is an important step in keeping your smile healthy, straight, and decay-free for years to come. Getting your wisdom teeth removed earlier outweighs the cost of waiting too long.

What Can I Expect From My Wisdom Teeth Surgery?

Wisdom teeth removal is a common, low-risk oral surgery. The surgery is done as an out-patient procedure with a relatively quick recovery time. Patients are offered anesthesia before the procedure.

The back of the mouth is opened, in order for the wisdom teeth to be removed from their sockets. These holes are closed with dissolvable sutures to stop bleeding and prevent bacteria from entering the sockets. On the day of your wisdom teeth extraction, you will need to bring someone with you who can drive you home after the procedure. The extraction will take about 30 to 60 minutes.

Thanks to modern dentistry, wisdom teeth removal is now done in a way that promotes quick healing and minimal discomfort following the procedure. Our experienced Gastonia dental staff will provide instructions on how to care for your mouth following your wisdom tooth extraction.

What are signs of wisdom teeth coming in?

The third molars usually emerge during a patient’s late teens or 20s. During routine dental visits, our Gastonia dentist will keep an eye on wisdom teeth growth with exams and X-rays. While our professionals can diagnose wisdom teeth growth, you may already know wisdom teeth are coming if you’re starting to experience wisdom teeth symptoms. Some common symptoms of wisdom teeth growth include:

  • Jaw pain
  • Bleeding gums
  • Swollen gums
  • Bad breath
  • And more!

Can wisdom teeth cause headaches?

Wisdom teeth symptoms range from jaw pain to overcrowding teeth. One other symptom that may catch you by surprise is headaches. Wisdom teeth can play an influence in persistent headaches, especially if the headaches feel like a tight band wrapped around your head. These headaches are known as tension headaches, causing dull, aching pain as the third molars push for space, causing tension in the jaw. If you are experiencing persistent headaches, we encourage you to let us know, as it may be linked to wisdom tooth growth.

What can I eat after wisdom teeth removal?

Recovery from wisdom teeth removal may take anywhere from one to two weeks. In most cases, it’s possible to resume regular activities within 3 days. While 3 days is generally enough to get back to your normal routine, we encourage you to take caution with the foods you eat as your mouth heals. We recommend you stock up on soft foods or liquids that require no chewing and gradually work your way to incorporating semi-soft foods until the extraction site is healed. Once the extraction site is healed, you can enjoy your meals as usual!

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