Advantages of Gold Dental Crowns

gold dental crowns

A dental crown is a prosthetic device that fits on top of a damaged tooth to strengthen and protect it. Crowns also improve the tooth's appearance, but their primary function is the improvement of the tooth’s health.

Crowns can be made of various materials, but one of the strongest and most durable materials for a crown is gold.

What is a Gold Crown Made of?

Though called a gold crown, gold crowns are rarely made of 100% gold. Patients can save on costs for larger crowns when the gold isn’t pure. However, even when the gold isn’t pure gold, its durability, strength, and fade resistance are not compromised.

Still, it is important to discuss any metal allergies you have with your dentist before opting for a gold crown. If you’re allergic to gold or any of the alloys in the gold crown, you could experience uncomfortable and potentially dangerous allergic reactions.

Why Gold?

Oral prosthetics have been in use since ancient times. While who exactly was the first to use gold teeth is a topic of debate, the practice has been traced back at least 4000 years. Gold has been a resilient and reliable solution to dental problems since long before the advent of modern dentistry.

Gold can resist high pressure from bite forces produced during chewing. It’s also extraordinarily resistant to chips, breaks, and scuffs compared to some other crown options like porcelain. Gold is also chosen for its aesthetic qualities. The popularity of gold teeth waxes and wanes with generations and pop culture icons. Some patients prefer to only use gold crowns on less visible molars, while other patients may prefer to highlight a front tooth with a gold crown.

Gold Dental Crowns in Gastonia, NC!

If you’re suffering from cavities, broken, or otherwise compromised teeth, gold dental crowns may be the stylish and durable fix you’re searching for! Call Gastonia Family Dentistry today to schedule your appointment!


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