Wisdom Teeth Removal in Gastonia

While most people’s mouths can only hold 28 teeth, that does not keep the wisdom teeth from developing. These extra four teeth can cause a great deal of issues because of the limited space inside of your mouth.

Why do Wisdom Teeth Need to be Extracted?

The wisdom teeth are third molars that come in years after the other permanent teeth are settled in the mouth. One of the most common issues with the wisdom teeth is that they cause overcrowding. They are often responsible for the misalignment of the permanent teeth – which is quite disheartening for those who have already gone through orthodontic treatment. Other frequent issues caused by wisdom teeth are infection due to impacted wisdom teeth, jaw pain, jawbone damage, and constant headaches.

Dentists worldwide agree that addressing the wisdom teeth before they ever begin causing problems is the best strategy. This preventative treatment is extremely successful in not only removing the wisdom teeth, but also protecting the mouth from serious damage.

Surgery is Simpler Than You Might Expect

A model of the mouth shows how wisdom teeth can push other teeth out of alignment.Wisdom teeth removal is a common, low-risk surgery. The surgery is done as an out-patient procedure with a relatively quick recovery time. Patients are offered anesthesia, typically in the form of local anesthesia, general anesthesia, and/or nitrous oxide (laughing gas). The back of the mouth is opened, in order for the wisdom teeth to be removed from their sockets. These holes are closed with dissolvable sutures to stop bleeding and prevent bacteria from entering the sockets. With proper adherence to post-operative instructions, patients can expect to fully recover from wisdom teeth removal in less than a week.

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