CEREC Same Day Dental Crowns in Gastonia

Grandfather playing with his grandson, smiling with a full smile due to dentures and dental crowns.Are you in need of dental crowns, teeth fillings, partials, dental veneers or any other type of tooth restoration? Are your current fillings made of metallic material and causing damage to your teeth? Do you have weakened, broken, and/or decayed teeth?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, CEREC Same Day Crowns are the ideal solution to your issues.

Two Visits Rolled Into One

CEREC is a technology that has revolutionized the way tooth restoration is carried out in dental clinics. Imagine that you are in need of a crown or a filling, or you need your old fillings replaced. You walk in, undergo a simple and painless procedure, then walk out a short time later with a completely restored tooth — all in one visit.

Your new filling and/or crown will be entirely composed of ceramic material and will match the color of your natural teeth. You will not have to go through the lengthy, multi-visit restoration process, and the ceramic material will not cause decay or damage to your teeth. The process is quick, reliable and painless.

Free CEREC Consultations

Is a one-visit crown right for your tooth? Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss creating your beautiful smile with dental crowns! You will meet with Dr. Kingsbury, Dr. Hill, Dr. Briggs, or Dr. Smigiel to get more information and discuss your vision of a perfect new smile. We’ll also create a computer image of what your new smile will look like. We’ll create a plan for your smile transformation and your track to superior oral health.

Benefits of CEREC Same Day Crowns

CEREC Same Day Crowns by Gastonia Family Dentistry have the following core benefits:

  • Durable crowns and fillings composed entirely of ceramic material
  • No weakening of the tooth tissue, no damage and no decay (as caused by metal fillings)
  • The whole process takes about an hour
  • The use of the latest technology ensures custom tooth restoration that’s every bit as perfect as the old, time-consuming method

How Single Visit Dental Crowns Work

CEREC treatment involves the CEREC Acquisition Unit and the CEREC Milling Unit. To begin, the dentist inspects your tooth for damage and determines a suitable procedure. Then, your tooth is prepared for restoration, which involves removing the decayed tissue/old filling/old crown after administering anesthesia.

Older couple biking together after getting same day dental crowns in Gastonia.In the next step, the dentist takes an optical impression of your tooth by applying a tasteless and harmless powder and using a digital camera to take a photo. The image is processed in the CEREC Acquisition Unit, and is turned into a 3D model. The dentist then designs a dental restoration using that 3D model.

Once the restoration design is completed, about 20 minutes, the blueprint is sent to the CEREC milling unit. A ceramic block, in a color similar to your teeth, is then used to create the dental restoration. This process also takes about 20 minutes. Once the appliance has been created, your dentist will check it for fit and size by applying it to your tooth temporarily.

After checking the fit and structural integrity of the restoration, the crown will be polished and bonded to your tooth permanently. Now you can see why CEREC crowns are also known as Same Day Crowns. One visit, in and out, and your smile is restored to its proper brilliance.

Save Money by Taking Less Time Off Work

If you are interested in receiving CEREC Same Day Crowns, or are in need of any type of tooth restoration, call us today at 704-854-8887 or use the contact form on this page to set up a free, no-obligation smile consultation with Dr. Kingsbury, Dr. Hill, Dr. Briggs or Dr. Smigiel. At your exam, a complimentary digital smile preview (an $85 value) will be created to show how your smile will look when your treatment is complete.

You don’t need to live without a beautiful smile. Dentures are a wonderful solution if you have lost some or all of your teeth due to gum disease or other dental issues.


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