Core Values

1. We offer the Highest Quality, Most Efficient, Dental Care at an Affordable Price.

  • Highest Quality, Long Lasting Dental Care

    It’s important to us that the work that we provide you last a long, long time. As long as taken care of, our work will stand the test of time as we use the most advanced technology and highest quality materials to complete your dental treatment.

  • Same Day Dentistry

    In our present day, life has become more and more demanding, specifically of our time. In an effort to save you time we at Gastonia Family Dentistry provide as many same day services as possible, with the most current dental technology available. Same day cleanings, deep cleansing, fillings, crowns, bridges and tooth replacement via implants are all available in this effort to respect one of your most valuable commodities: Time.

  • Affordable Price While Still Providing the Best In Class Treatment

    It is important to us as care providers to offer you our best in class services at a price that’s very affordable but also allows us to provide you the long lasting treatment that only the most up to date technology and materials can offer.

2. We Create a Fun, Calming, and Interactive Dental Environment.

  • Fun, Fun, Fun

    Fun is at the heart of everything that we have created at Gastonia Family Dentistry. From the flow and feel of our office to our engaging staff to even our business policies and procedures. We encourage the child that lives within us all to show itself.

  • Calming and Interactive

    Having a calming, beautiful environment is just the first step we have taken to ensuring that your experience with is one of peace and comfort. In each operatory we provide our patients the ability to watch TV, listen to music and even pick their favorite Pandora station in an effort to make them feel more comfortable.

3. We Promote and Support our Teams Happiness, Wholeness, and Excellence

  • Empowering Work Environment

    We know that we cannot succeed without the collective energy, effort, and intelligence of all of our team. Creating a work environment where our team members can succeed and flourish, both personally and professionally, is something that is very important to us.

  • Self-Managing Philosophy

    We at Gastonia Family Dentistry are organized into teams that are self-directed. Our teams meet regularly to appreciate each other contributions, discuss issues, and most importantly, provide solutions to the issues that may arise. Through solving our own problems from the inside we are empowered and feel a much greater sense of ownership. We allow our teams this flexibility and adaptability so that Gastonia Family Dentistry is ever evolving and adapting.

  • Constant Progress and Growth

    At Gastonia Family Dentistry our company grows and improves the most through unleashing the collective intelligence and creativity of each of our team members. We know that everyone has a contribution to make. We also know that through consistent ongoing education we as a team, and as individuals, continue to grow and learn new ways to better serve our patients.

  • Self-Responsibility

    At Gastonia Family Dentistry we take responsibility for our successes and our failures. We celebrate and love our successes and see our failures as wonderful opportunities for growth. We also understand that we as individuals are responsible for our own happiness and success.


2557 Pembroke Road
Gastonia, NC 28054